Dr Mark Gallaway

University of Hertfordshire

Explore STEM Ambassador

Mark is a professional astronomer, author and science communicator working in the University of Hertfordshire’s School of Physics Astronomy & Mathematics. He is actively involved in the University's extensive public engagement and outreach programmes. As an Ogden Science Officer, Mark works with schools in Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Essex to improve science literacy within the classroom. He also works with teachers and parents to highlight the importance of physics to the UK economy and the necessity of a broad understanding of science in an evolving job market.

He occasionally makes television and radio appearances as a pundit and has been a science consultant for a number of documentaries, television shows and movies. His current area of research is Star Spots on M-Dwarfs, star formation and ultra-high precision photometry with small telescopes. He also has an interest in star formation, Galaxy structure and the application of Graph and Set theory.