University Outreach

Ogden University Science Officers are part-funded by The Ogden Trust to help co-ordinate, run and evaluate science outreach work at schools and universities. They are normally linked with an Ogden School Science Partnership.

Science Officers usually have a physics outreach responsibility within their university role, often linking in with academics, post docs and students in their department to deliver lectures, presentations and hands-on interactive sessions to KS1 right through to sixth formers, and often the general public too.

Science Officers administer the Schools Physicist of the Year Awards (A-Level) and may be asked to represent the Trust at external events.

Science Officers can nominate postgraduate, PhD and post-doctoral students for the Scientists in Schools  programme; a limited number of these placements are available each year to those wishing to become physics school teachers. Science Officers who wish to nominate someone for such an award should contact Clare Harvey.