Evaluation will help you to improve your activities and to learn whether you have achieved your goals. Well thought through evaluation helps you make your case to senior management, The Ogden Trust or any other party. 
These evaluation materials and guidance documents will help you in developing and implementing efficient evaluation processes.

The Evaluation Process

A presentation from Ogden Consultants Janet Pickering and Dr Alison Rivett, and Schools Partnership Co-ordinator Dr Anke Friedrich. 

Ogden Evaluation: A Guide for Dummies from Ogden Teacher Fellow, Ursula Cox (Tameside Partnership)

Alison Rivett is a specialist in the evaluation process. She has produced various useful materials as part of her Masters research including a summary of her dissertation which looks at alternative methods of evaluation and a teacher impact questionnaire, which can be a good way of assessing the impact of an activity on pupils.

Event Evaluation for Students

Evaluation makes an important contribution to the development of an effective programme of events. We have developed an evaluation form for use after events, which is available in pdf or word formats and can be altered as appropriate for your activity.

We have also created a spreadsheet so you can collate the responses and we can gather unified reports from the partnerships. A spreadsheet with a counting macro is also available for download.

Notes for using these materials have been produced. 

Attitudes to Science Survey for Students

Understanding attitudes towards science is important to the Trust and can influence how the programmes develop, This survey can be used to gather useful information - there are notes to help you get the most from its use.

If you are from an Ogden Partnership and have any questions regarding evaluation, please contact Ogden Consultant Dr Alison Rivett.