Birmingham Southside Partnership

Year of Formation:2013
Hub:Bishop Challoner Catholic College
Co-ordinator:Alice Blakemore

Partnership schools:John Henry Newman Catholic College; King’s Heath Boys’ College; King’s Norton Boys' School; King’s Norton Girls’ School; Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School; St Alban’s RC Primary School; St Bernard’s Catholic Primary School; St Chad's Catholic Primary School; St Dunstan's Catholic Primary School; St Edward's Catholic Primary School; St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School; St Jude’s RC Primary School; St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School; St Peter’s RC School; Swanshurst School; Wheeler's Lane Technology College

It has once again been a fun and busy year, with activities aimed at reaching many students from different ages and backgrounds in our partnership. This year has seen two Year 10 Maths and Physics Inspiration days, Year 5 and Year 7 STEM fairs, involving Year 8 leaders, six primary schools engaging in Year 4 Science Club facilitated by sixth-form ambassadors, Year 4s riding on a hover board to develop their understanding of forces, and a jam- packed Primary Science Week hosted by different a partnership school each day. Sixth-form students involved in the primary clubs and in the Engineering Education Scheme were awarded Silver and Gold CREST Awards for their work over the year, gaining accreditation for applying their physics studies in different contexts.

As well as students, we have been able to reach the wider community in our partnership through the public lecture held at St Peter’s, bringing families together with physics. We have also been able to support teachers to develop their best practice and build confidence with the new specification through funding for CPD courses, which we envisage will promote the legacy of the Ogden support into classrooms for years to come.