Directory of Scholars 2016

The following students were awarded undergraduate scholarships in 2016:

Noah Alfert Physics, University of Oxford

Daniel Arscott Physics, University of Bristol

Jade Askew Physics with Astrophysics, University of Sheffield

Daisy Balmont Physics, Durham University

Ryan Barouki Physics with Theoretical Physics, University of Manchester

Patrick Boak Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

Joseph Callow Physics, Durham University

Grace Carpenter Physics, University of Edinburgh

George Carter Physics, Durham University

Ryan Cullinan Physics, Durham University

Alexander Dallas Physics, UCL

Tommy Dobson Physics, Durham University

Emma Dodd Physics, Astrophysics & Cosmology, University of Lancaster

Callum Dyson Physics, University of Manchester

Aaron Elijah Physics, University of Edinburgh

George Everiss Physics, University of Manchester

Vanessa Fairhurst Astrophysics, UCLan

Joseph Gibbs Physics & Mathematics, University of Warwick

Lotte Gleeson Physics, University of Oxford

Francis Glynn-Matthews Physics, University of Oxford

Jonathan Goodman Physics, University of Birmingham

Daniel Greenhouse Physics with Particle Physics & Cosmology, University of Birmingham

Soran Hazar Physics, University of Manchester

Joshua Hoffmann Physics with Theoretical Physics, Imperial College London

Lucy Hope Natural Sciences, Durham University

Timothy Jones Physics, University of Nottingham

Kaliteevskaya Ekaterina Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

Isis Kearney Mathematics, University of Oxford

Maya Kearney Physics, Imperial

Hashaam Khan Mathematics, University of Manchester

Thomas Kloska Physics with Theoretical Physics, Imperial College London

Mikhail Kryukov Mathematics with Mathematical Physics, UCL

Jerome Lloyd Theoretical Physics, University of Birmingham

Ming Lo Physics, King's College, London

Jack Matthews Physics with Particle Physics & Cosmology, University of Birmingham

Daniel Mcloughlin Physics, University of Oxford

Liam Mooney Physics, UCL

Jake Newton-Kane Physics, University of Bristol

Becki Pritchard Geophysics, University of Liverpool

Daniel Smyth Physics, University of Southampton

Ed Sullivan Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

Matthew Walsh Physics, University of Oxford

Eleanor Warren Physics with Theoretical Physics, University of Manchester

Mitchell Whittam Theoretical Physics with Mathematics, University of Lancaster

Carli-Ann Wilcott Physics with Astrophysics, University of Exeter

Francesca Woolley Mathematical Physics, University of Liverpool

A list of the 2015 undergraduate scholarship awards can be found here