Teach Physics Internships

The Ogden Trust Teach Physics programme was first set up in 2010 with five schools but has expanded enormously since then, with up to 53 schools becoming involved. Schools taking part are state schools with a reputation for strong physics teaching and have enjoyed a link with The Ogden Trust for a number of years. 

Read more about Teach Physics in our Teach Physics@7 Review (November 2016), which showcases the programme and reports on its successes

The objectives of the programme are:

  • to increase the number of physics graduates going on to teacher training
  • to increase the number of physics specialists teaching science in British state schools

The Trust aims to do this by giving interns an intensive experience of what teaching physics is like and also of broader school life. This is an important pre-requisite for obtaining a PGCE place or other funded route into teaching.

Teach Physics internships are aimed at 2nd, 3rd and 4th year undergraduates who are considering a physics teaching career and take place between the end of the university year and the end of the school summer term (usually of 4-5 weeks' duration).

These internships are also suitable for PhD students if they fit with their research schedules and they are welcome to apply. If they are unsuitable because of the necessary time commitment, PhD students may be eligible for a Scientists in Schools placement, for which they must be nominated by an Ogden University Science Officer.

The Ogden Trust makes a one-off administrative payment to the host school to cover Disclosure and Barring Service checks and other administration, and the interns receive a training grant based on £260 per completed week. They are required to keep a reflective diary for submission at the end of their placement and to hold a pupil-centred physics careers workshop.

Sometimes Teach Physics interns volunteer or are asked to undertake additional one-off projects, as illustrated by these films by 2017 interns, Lucas Rushton and Calvin Browne, and 2015 intern, Charlotte Burman. You can learn more about the internships by reading the reflective diaries from previous placements.

An Award is presented annually to the Teach Physics Outstanding Intern of the Year. Here's a short film made by WRIPA featuring Sarah Fitzmaurice, our 2015 winner.

Teach Physics interns who have completed their placements with a positive school reference are eligible to apply for PGCE scholarships worth up to £2,500. Please contact the student registrar for more information.