PGCE Physics Scholarships

The Ogden Trust offers a number of PGCE Scholarships for students specialising in physics. These are discretionary awards which will also depend on what other funding the student is receiving in bursaries, scholarships and other forms of financial assistance.

There are two categories of award:

a) up to £2,500 for recent graduates in one of the following categories:

  • former Ogden Teach Physics interns
  • recommended by an Ogden University Science Officer or Ogden Teacher Fellow 

b) up to £4,000 for career changers who have graduated at least 5 years previously and whose first choice of college is Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge; these are known as The Bill Ramsay PGCE Scholarships in Physics

In addition to their personal scholarship, PGCE graduates may apply to The Ogden Trust for a Physics Enhancement Grant of up to £500, to be spent on an educational physics project in their first school.


1) candidates must be applying for a PGCE course in physics or joint physics & mathematics
2) candidates must intend to work in the UK in secondary state education
3) candidates must hold British citizenship or be permanently resident in the UK

Payment terms:

1) half of the award is paid to the student in the January after their PGCE course starts, on receipt of a satisfactory progress report from the course tutor

2) the remainder of the award is only paid when the student has accepted a job offer as a teacher in a state school within one year of the end of the PGCE course; if the student does not find such employment within that time or if they accept a teacher post in an independent school, the second half of the award will not be paid


  • If you are a former Teach Physics intern, you should email Isla Stanger for further information.
  • If you have been recommended to us by an Ogden University Science Officer or Ogden Teacher Fellow, we will contact you.
  • If you are applying to Hughes Hall, the college will forward your application to us.

Students previously unknown to the Trust cannot apply directly to The Ogden Trust. 

Closing date for applications: 30 June