Nottingham City Primary Partnership

Year of Formation:2016
Hub:Trinity Catholic School
Co-ordinator:Pete Dowsett

Partnership schools:Arnbrook Primary School; Huntingdon Academy; Nottingham Girls’ High School; Robert Shaw School; South Wold Primary; Springbank Primary School; St Ann's Well Academy; Westglade Primary School

The Nottingham City Partnership is holding its first event this year called Gears & Gearing at Nottingham Girls High School; this is being delivered by Maria Pavlidou, Ogden Science Officer at Birmingham University.

The partnership is trying to arrange afterschool clubs to run for five weeks at each of the eight schools, using the auspices of Nottingham University Physics Department, the Widening Participation Team from Nottingham University and the sixth form students who attend Trinity School. (This is proving more difficult than anticipated!).

The final event for this year will use the Magna Science Adventure Centre, Kitchen Sink Show as a stimulus for the pupils and then finish off the day with Olympic-type challenges. This event will cater for 240 pupils from the eight partnership schools.

Light & Sound teacher CPD is also planned for this year and will be held at Westglade School. Members of the partnership will also attend the CPD on assessment & recording provided by Amanda Poole.

Nottinghamshire will, in the near future, have its first Phiz Lab at Springbank School which we are all very excited about!