Chorley Primary Partnership

Year of Formation:2015
Hub:Saint Michael's CofE High School
Co-ordinator:Jonathan Allcock

Partnership schools:Adlington Primary School; Brindle Gregson Lane Primary School; Brindle St James Primary School; Chorley St James Church of England Primary School; Chorley St Peter’s Primary School; Christ Church Charnock Richard; Coppull Parish CofE Primary School; Coppull St John’s Primary School; Coupe Green Primary School; Euxton CofE Primary School; Manor Road Primary School; St Laurence's CofE Primary School; Trinity School Buckshaw Village; Whittle le Woods St John’s CofE Primary School

The Chorley Primary Partnership has had an action packed first year. It has worked closely with the Chorley & South Ribble Secondary Partnership but with over 14 primary partnership schools it has quickly established itself in its own right. Having formed after the delivery of the excellent Phizzi Forces CPD the partnership has gone on to embrace the exciting adventures of Tim Peake. We built up anticipation to the launch and supported schools participating in ESERO-UK’s Tim Peake Primary Project by inviting Spacefund to present ‘Team Tim’; an interactive production attended by many of our partnership schools. This theme has continued throughout the year from launch parties, to discovering more of what goes on the ISS, to investigating meteorites and craters. In June, schools attended a Superhero Science morning, they competed to build the largest spaghetti and marshmallow tower and attended a science magic show investigating the development of science and technology to deliver some of what is currently seen as only science fiction. Partnership teachers finished the year by attending Phizzi Light & Sound CPD and are keen to make this a theme for next year.