Word from the Wise

Last month, Mount Wise Primary School officially opened its new Phiz Lab. It will be at the heart of the Plymouth Primary Partnership, with inspiring STEM displays, a class set of lab coats and many science resources to hand.

The grand opening featured a school physics festival which saw six of the partnership schools working together on physics activities provided by STEM outreach partners Bruce Robinson from Wonder Workshops and Juliette Jackson from Sea Dream Education. 

Ogden Chief Executive Clare Harvey joined the festival to cut the ribbon and officially open the Lab; Ogden Regional Representative Sally Fulford was also at the grand opening: “It was so lovely to see the children working together on the physics challenges that were available at the festival,” said Sally. “The Phiz Lab will allow children from across the partnerships schools to perform science investigations using proper scientific equipment on a regular basis. It is a fantastic resource for primary schools to be able to access.”

The Phiz Lab initiative is an Ogden Trust programme to bring dedicated science teaching facilities to primary schools across the UK, ensuring students can access quality resources for specialist science lessons that put practical learning at the forefront. The Phiz Labs also provide a space for teacher CPD, making sure primary teachers (who are often not science specialists) have the confidence and expertise to deliver the hands-on science excitement that can inspire the next generation of scientists.

Teachers from the Plymouth region have already explored the Ogden earth & space resource box in a CPD session held at the Phiz Lab, even learning how to make their own telescopes!

Local schools wishing to use the Phiz Lab can book through the Plymouth science hub website. This hub has been created to help inspire young people and teachers to develop curiosity, awe and wonder in our natural world by bringing science alive. The new Phiz Lab at Mount Wise will help to support this objective.