Science Talk

This year, the Ogden Primary Team has launched an Early Years CPD progamme called Science Talk – developed and delivered by our Primary Partnership Manager, Kirstin Greygoose. 

So far, there have been six events across the UK, with 76 primary teachers and teaching assistants from 11 Primary Partnerships now trained to use the Science Talk resources. Sixty-eight of the Science Talk resources packs are now in use across these primary schools. 

Fantastic presenter – Kirstin understands Early Years and the challenges and opportunities that working in this key stage presents.

Science Talk is an easy to use teaching resource for primary science, which includes 39 activity cards with a step-by-step activity guide and a list of resources, key questions and relevant Early Learning Goals. A teacher support pack includes an overview to key concepts, measuring impact and a risk assessment sheet. The ‘Science Talk’ cards have been designed to support pupils develop confidence and curiosity, alongside practical applications for monitoring impact and progression.

Superb pack of Science Talk cards to take away with us and use

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