The Ogden Trust Primary Programme has been strengthened by collaborations. The Ogden Trust is now working collaboratively with the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) to enhance the provision and prominence of primary science; they have agreed a joint statement to formally recognise and celebrate this.

An Ogden Teacher Fellow has been appointed to support the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM), analysing data from Ogden Silver/Gold schools.

The Ogden Primary Team is leading the way in promoting exciting, interesting, practical science in primary schools. As Head of Science in a large secondary school I am very concerned about building strong links with primary schools so that we can harness the innate enthusiasm of children when they make the vital transition from primary to secondary. The educational materials, CPD for teachers and workshops that I have seen the Ogden Primary Team deliver have all been of the very highest quality and are directly leading to increased engagement in science by the students starting with us in Y7.

Worthy of particular commendation is the way the Ogden Primary Team are establishing local partnerships of primary schools working together with 'Phiz Labs' at their hubs. This is addressing the current lack of specialist science teaching in primary schools by allowing expertise to be shared and also giving students access to a wide range of educational experiences they would not normally have access to including learning in real fully equipped Science labs.

The Ogden Primary Science Team are innovative, responsive to local needs and inspiring. A generation of students and their teachers in primary science education are benefiting enormously from this vital work.

An endorsement from Dan Cottle, IOP Teacher Network Coordinator, Head of Science King Edward VI Five Ways School. This was part of the Ogden TES Team of the Year entry for 2016. The Primary Science Team was highly commended.