Why Stay in Touch?

Whether you are in receipt of financial support now or have been in the past, there are many reasons to keep in touch with The Ogden Trust. What we offer is exclusively for the benefit of Ogden alumni and access is restricted via the 'members only' alumni database, so make sure you're registered! Once you log onto the database, you'll find full details of what's available, which group of alumni it's aimed at, how and when to apply.

Here's a summary of what we offer and, remember, these services are open to current and former scholars as well as associated members such as Teach Physics interns and prize-winners. Further details, and how to apply, are available via the alumni database.

Financial Incentives 

  • Final Year Undergraduate Grants, worth £1,000 - for alumni who are not in receipt of an Ogden Undergraduate Science Scholarship
  • Trustees' Grants, worth up to £1,000 - for alumni undertaking independent travel such as gap year voluntary work, study abroad, exchanges and research trips. 
  • Subsidised Trips - the Trust takes alumni groups to CERN and other trips will be organised

Gaining Skills and Experience
  • Internships - university research posts, positions in the commercial and charitable sectors (advertised in February/March), the innovative Teach Physics programme for potential teachers; 4-6 weeks, fully funded
  • Physics Symposium - an opportunity for sixth formers to extend their physics knowledge in a university environment 
  • Workshops - an initiative to look out for: sessions in life skills such as CV writing and managing personal finance are planned. The first workshop on CVs has already taken place and you can read about it here.

Networking and Support 
  • Social events - a great way to make new contacts and friends
  • Ogden online community - find out what's happening, talk to us and each other via Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn