Internship Diaries 2017

If you are thinking about applying for an internship, this selection of diaries from 2017 interns may help you. Each gives a personal account of an internship - what worked, what didn't; what they would do differently; what they learnt. Their experiences will hopefully help you to apply for the best internship for you. You can also find a selection of archived diaries from 2016 and 2015. Remember, all applications are made through the alumni website.


Astute Fire Luke Buxton

Spencer Ogden Jia Min

The Conversation Alex Gellersen


University of Bristol (a plug and play electron source) David Gwynne

University of Cambridge (nano material dispersion in liquid crystals)  Andrew Bainbridge

University of Cambridge (nano material dispersion in liquid crystals) Joshua Hoffman

Culham (fusion nuclear simulation benchmarking) Rebecca Nettleship

Daresbury Lab, STFC (high-accuracy measurements of low magnetic fields) Liam Barber

Daresbury Lab, STFC (free-electron laser design) Tom Mansfield

Durham University (visualising the Universe) Lewis Light

University of Exeter (a study of magnetic systems at very small scale*) James Laurenson

ICL (mobile-phone geo-tracking to estimate population exposures) Amir El-Hamdy

University of Kent (impacts Into Spherical Ice-Water-Acrylic Targets*)  Fiona Bairstow

University of Lancaster (data analysis of a study on treated malaria) Natasha Crossley

University of Lancaster (exploring carbon emissions from CR7 with ALMA) Emma Dodd

London Centre for Nanotechnology (controlling a magnetic moment by relativistic effects) Jack Harrison

University of Manchester (development of SiPM-based cosmic-ray detectors) Rosemary Tawn

University of Strathclyde (damping losses for the torque-ladder system) Felicity Levett


University of Cardiff (supporting peer-review in astronomy education) Ronan Smith

University of Leeds (Physics At Work) Mariam Rashid

University of York (Physics At Work) Ryan Barouki

Archived Diaries: 2015 and 2016
 *CYOI - Create Your Own Internships.