Internship Diaries 2016

If you are thinking about applying for an internship, this selection of diaries from 2016 interns may help you. Each gives a personal account of an internship - what worked, what didn't; what they would do differently; what they learnt. Their experiences will hopefully help you to apply for the best internship for you. You can also find a selection of archived diaries from 2015 and 2014. Remember, all applications are made through the alumni website.


Good Ventures Lucas Powell-Rudden

Sainsbury's  Daanyaal Chaudry

Sainsbury's Digitial and Technology Daniel Stevens

Spencer Ogden Hazel Gardner

The Conversation Holly Farler


University of Birmingham (programming a Laser Beam Profiler) Samuel Bancroft

University of Birmingham (Strontium clock ) Amish Bedi

University of Birmingham (characterisation of magnetic quadrupole traps) Dimitris Moustoukas

University of Birmingham (compact locking system for fibre lasers) Jasmin Evans

University of Bristol (metal to insulator transition in Vanadium Oxide) Benedict Westhenry

University of Cambridge (iHUD project, CAPE ) James Delaney

University of Central Lancashire (density profiles of stars) Lauren Draper

Daresbury Lab (Vacuum Support Group) Andrew Briscoe

Durham University (superconducting tapes in the ITER fusion reactor) Andrew Bainbridge

Durham University (optics) Sarah Bunton

Durham University (CYOI*, PAUS Data Analysis) Fionn Bishop

Durham University (Superconductivity) Michael Sullivan

Imperial College London (CYOI*, quantitative review of air pollution studies) Fraser Goldsworth 

University of Manchester (CYOI*, Next Generation Lithography) Hayden Alty

Lancaster University (CYOI*, physics capabilities of the DUNE experiment) Thomas Jones

University of Oxford (INET)  Berke Ricketti

University of Portsmouth (removing foregrounds from the cosmic microwave background) Kate Gould

University of Portsmouth (The Morphology of Void Galaxies) Florence Roberts

University of Portsmouth (Zooniverse) Alex Todd

University of Southampton (Quantum Light and Matter) Josh Nevin

QMUL (CYOI*, atmospheric neutrino simulation) Rishi Mouland

VisionMetric Ltd (machine learning) Goran Hazar


Isaac Physics (developing simulations) James Twigg

University of Central Lancashire (Stellarium) Steven Gough-Kelly

Liverpool John Moores University (NSO) Jade Askew

Archived Diaries: 2014 and 2015
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