Internship Diaries 2014

These diaries are from interns who took part in the 2014 programme - if you are thinking of applying for an internship, they may help you. Remember, all applications are made through the alumni website


Bristol University (light pressure of an evanescent wave; micro-cantilevers) Jorden Senior

Bristol University (CYOI*; superconductors; computational analysis) Jake Ayres

Bristol University (RPCs for Cosmic Ray Muon tomography) Safe Khan

California University (CYOI*; semiconductor devices) Hazel Gardner

Cockcroft Institute, Derby (electron gun) Peter Tipping

Computacentre (commerce & finance) Matthew Hogg

Daresbury Laboratory (beam dynamics) Soham Banerjee

Durham University (experimental physics; FADOF) Will Hamlyn

Durham University (ICC; EAGLE Project) Samuel Bancroft

Harvard (CYOI*; chemistry - drug development) Will Green

Imperial College, London (medical physics) Suzanne Sharpe

Imperial College, London (medical physics; ion acceleration in cancer therapy) Rebecca Andrews

Manchester University (School of Physics & Astronomy; Python) Will Parr

Manchester University & Jodrell Bank (MUST & MATLAB algorithm) George Atkinson

Manchester University & Jodrell Bank (MUST & MATLAB algorithm) Richard Smith

Manchester University (Experimental Research Physics) Philippa McGuinness

Oxford University (CYOI*; technological advancement & patenting) Alistair Jones

Portsmouth University (Labview) Jordan Banting

Sainsbury's Online (online analysis) Naven Ghulam

Science Museum (business development)  Shindy Lall

Sci-Tech Daresbury (testing VACOM QCF Clamps) Sean Telford

Spencer Ogden (recruitment consultancy; energy sector) Adam Smith

York University (CYOI*; interacting quantum particles) Mike Entwistle

VisionMetric (MATLAB, facial recognition) William Van Duzer

*CYOI - Create Your Own Internships. Full details on the alumni website.