Harry Eakins

Harry Eakins first became involved with The Ogden Trust at the age of 16, when he received his sixth-form science scholarship to study at QEGS, Blackburn.

The Ogden Trust opened up a whole host of opportunities for me and I have since taken part twice in the science summer school held in Cambridge, once as a student and once as a helper. The Ogden Trust supported me through my A-levels and through university, and ensured that I could concentrate on what matters most to me - physics and engineering. As a result of all of this support, I also managed to get selected for the UK team in the International Physics Olympiad held in Vietnam in 2008.

Now I am a software engineer at Amazon, working on a variety of interesting and technical problems on a huge scale. My background in physics allows me to work things out from first principles, and gives me a fantastic foundation for creating and inventing new technology. The Ogden Trust played a large part in getting me here and I am extremely grateful for all of their help. I hope that I'll be able to support young physicists in a similar way in the future.




Harry received a bronze medal and an honourable mention at the 2008 International Physics Olympiad.