Science Made Simple

Have you ever wondered how people balance, and what makes them fall over? Or how friction is useful in sport and how we use science to protect us from injury?

Last week, Science Made Simple visited the new Leicestershire Ogden Partnership at Redmoor Academy to explore all this and more. The event was part of National Science Week, and marked the official opening of the partnership, which includes eight Leicestershire schools.

The Science of Sport show was presented by Ruth Perkins of Science Made Simple. She gave a truly incredible performance and had the students involved in catching water balloons, throwing Frisbees, and balancing corks on their noses; she even had the staff sitting on a seat of 600 nails!

Students from Redmoor, Roundhill (partnership hub school) and Welland Park Academies attended the event. “It was such a fantastic show,” says science teacher at Redmoor, Dr Soraya Khan. “It was a great way to get the ball rolling for the Leicestershire Partnership!”