Science Talk

Last year, Ogden Teacher Fellow Kirstin Greygoose, a Year 2 Class Teacher and Science Coordinator, began developing Science Talk for her school. Her aim was to develop pupil questioning, improve scientific literacy and develop pupil confidence in using scientific inquiry skills.

“As science subject leader I wanted to explore pupil questioning in the Early Years,” explains Kirstin. “And I wanted to find a lesson format that could be replicated throughout the school, to engage all pupils in regular short discussions focusing on science inquiry.

“Using allocated science leadership time, I planned a weekly programme of 30-minute science talk sessions which I developed and trialled over 15 weeks,” continues Kirstin. “The Wednesday ‘Science Talk’ sessions became an eagerly anticipated event, with two parents commenting that their children counted down the days until the next time the ‘Science Lady’ came in. I encouraged pupils to become a ‘real’ scientist each Wednesday afternoon, emphasising that good scientists use ‘good looking’ and ‘good talking’ to find things out.

“As I adapted and improved the activities to suit short bursts of questioning, inquiry and evaluation the children’s responses developed into greater scientific understanding, questioning and reflection. These changes were also noted by the class teacher in other lessons across the week. Students rapidly gained confidence in making suggestions about their observations to explain why something had happened, linking the lesson to real-life experiences.” 

At the end of the project, Kirstin’s main aim was to disseminate her findings to staff within the school, using sample sessions for training, and team-teaching to demonstrate how simple and effective high-quality questioning and talk can be from the early years upward. Now however, Science Talk has been launched as part of the Ogden Primary Science programme meaning that the resources will be available to Ogden Partnership schools when participating in an Early Years CPD day (the next training programme will be launched in the new year).

Science Talk is an easy to use teaching resource for primary science, which includes a support pack for teachers. There will be a training programme launched in the new year. Science Talk includes 39 activity cards with a step-by-step activity guide and a list of resources, key questions and relevant Early Learning Goals. The support pack includes an overview to key concepts, measuring impact and a risk assessment sheet.

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