Seasonal Science

More than 400 people attended the Southampton Christmas lecture series, organised by Ogden Science Officer Sadie Jones and her colleagues. The series included three lectures and took the audience onto space adventures, a Supernova Extravaganza, and into the depths of String theory, black holes and quantum information.

In the first lecture, funded by The Ogden Trust and IOP, adventure astronomer Huw James took the audience on an interactive journey as they found out where we'll be having Space Adventures in the not so distant future. In the second, the audience enjoyed big bangs, little pops and a nucleo-synthesized mess as Chris Frohmaier took them on a Supernova Extravaganza, learning
about the evolution of a star from birth to death (funded by the IOP). Finally, the Christmas lecture series concluded with a lecture from Professor Marika Taylor who gave an enthralling overview of her research into string theory. She focused particularly on the holographic principle, the idea that gravity can be described by a theory without gravity in one less dimension. The lecture was organised as part of the Women in Physic's Network (WPN).

Feedback from the series has been very positive with most attendees more interested in space and supernova as a result of the lectures. The lectures were followed by enthusiastic questions from the audience who stayed to find out more!