Phizzi Forces heads out to Belfast

At the end of last month, Ogden Teacher Fellows Dr Kathy Gibson and Amanda Poole (Shrubland St Primary School, Leamington Spa) teamed up to deliver the Phizzi Forces CPD day to over 30 primary teachers from across Belfast.

The event was held at Belfast High, where Kathy is the Head of Science and Head of Physics. The event was a huge success with Phizzi Forces books and resource boxes heading out to schools all over Northern Ireland. Half of the teachers present were Fellows of the Primary Science College.

Kathy and Amanda are amongst 30 teachers who have attended a 'Phizzi Forces' train the trainer day and are ready, willing and able to share their knowledge with their teaching colleagues.

The Primary Forces CPD day was launched this year to create a high-quality, professional package, designed to be delivered by Ogden Science Officers and Teacher Fellows to primary school teachers all over the UK. The aim is to ensure a consistent and exciting approach to the key strands of primary physics. The Forces package is the first of four that the Ogden Primary team hopes to develop; next year they will be launching a Light & Sound CPD package.